Zscaler Unveils New Security Service Edge Platform Features

Z-scale updated their platform security service edge (SSE) with three advanced and innovative Zero Trust network access features for security and IT teams to replace legacy firewalls and VPNs with a reliable alternative.

Included in the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange solution, these innovations set a new standard for ZTNA to minimize the attack surface and prevent lateral movement, blocking compromised users and insider threats with security protection capabilities. . application Built-in private deception and privileged remote access for enterprise and OT systems.

Today, employees are increasingly on the move and mission-critical applications have moved into the cloud and no longer reside within the corporate network protected by a secure perimeter. This critical shift to cloud and mobility has led enterprises to move away from the legacy network-centric VPN approach in favor of a modern user-centric and application-centric security model that provides access secure Zero Trust to private applications by establishing a direct connection from the user to the application on a dynamic basis based on identity and context.

“The volume of cyberattacks and data breaches is increasing across all industries, with an ever-growing threat landscape, state actors and sophisticated hackers,” he said Tony Paterrasenior vice president of emerging products at Zscaler. “As business applications continue to migrate to the cloud and hybrid workplaces become more popular, a Zero Trust architecture is needed to support distributed users, devices, applications and workloads. . Our next-generation ZTNA approach is the simplest, most comprehensive approach to securely access private applications and transform legacy network security to minimize the attack surface and stop the most advanced attacks."

With secure access to private applications using ZTNA as its core HSE solution, Zscaler's innovations strengthen its cloud security platform and enable it to meet modern business and security needs by using a holistic Zero Trust architecture to replace legacy ones. VPN and provide employees with advanced remote access solutions. for unparalleled security and superior user performance. The three Zscaler innovations that enhance the platform and deliver on the promise of a next-generation ZTNA offering are:

Private Application Protection: Leverage over 10 years of inline inspection experience to protect internet traffic and applications SaaS, Zscaler's platform provides new preventative and proactive security controls to prevent compromised users and adversaries from exploiting vulnerable private applications and services. These innovations include inline inspection of private application traffic to stop popular attacks, including the OWASP Top 10, with ever-evolving defenses provided by Zscaler's ThreatLabz research team and support personalized signatures.
Integrated Deception: Industry's first example of native deception technology, enhances lateral motion detection for advanced bindings with integrated decoys for private applications. With this implementation, Zscaler's platform reduces alarm overload, with high-reliability bait-generated alerts that instantly catch and block compromised user and insider threats through integration with Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange and security operating platforms.
Privileged remote access for systems IoT and Industrial OT: Building on current browser access capabilities, the Zscaler platform has been enhanced with support for Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and Secure Shell (SSH) from unmanaged devices, both for IIoT/OT devices and for private applications.

New Zscaler Features Expand SSE User Expectations and provide a new standard for managing the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) architecture. They are immediately available to customers as part of Zscaler Private Access (ZPA) or as a standalone purchase, depending on which version of ZPA you are licensed for.


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