Xbox on PC is now faster and reports game duration

Last week, Microsoft surprised us with an update to the Xbox application on Windows.incorporate integration of how much beat Startup time is shortened. The Xbox team partnered with his HowLongToBeat to Estimated time to beat a PC Game Pass gameHowLongToBeat is a community based site where you can track how long a game is taking and see if it's worth buying or playing.


    Find out how long it takes to finish a game in the Xbox app

    integration of how much beat The Xbox app on Windows provides an estimate of the game's main storyline and Estimated additional missions, 100% completion, and a combination of playstyles. You can also submit your own times, view community feedback, match notes, and playstyle breakdowns.

    Microsoft is also improving the launch speed of the Xbox app on Windows. "We are committed to continuing to improve the performance and reliability of our app."explains Jason Beaumont, Managing Partner of Product Management for Xbox's Platform and Player Experience team. "Our latest update makes the app launch up to 15% faster, and we've also added some fixes to improve overall responsiveness when interacting with key experiences within the app."

    HowLongToBeat in the Xbox app

    This should also mean better game downloads and installations, as well as better search results. Check out the trailer and screenshots at the top of the list.

    Overall, the improvements are a welcome change to the Xbox app on Windows. Microsoft has been reviewing the app for months, and earlier this year he allowed PC games to be installed in any folder.

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