Windows 11 22 H2: Microsoft account required

The February hypothesis has practically become a confirmation. Windows 11 22H2 will ask for a Microsoft account required for the Home and Pro versions. The Redmond-based company has included this requirement in the latest build 22616 available to Insider Program Dev and Beta channel subscribers. This imposition will certainly trigger several controversies and perhaps even a request for intervention from the antitrust authorities.


    Microsoft account required on Windows 22H2

    The obligation to use a Microsoft account it is currently limited to the Home version of Windows 11. The request is made during the initial installation procedure, known as OOBE (Out of Box Experience). However, this obligation does not exist for users who use the Pro version of the operating system. The bad news will be extended to everyone with the release of Windows 11 22H2.

    The post announcing the availability of build 22616 specifies that the Microsoft account and Internet connectivity are required if the user chooses the settings for personal use. However, if the operating system is to be installed on company or school computers, Windows 11 will use the organization's domain.

    There are a few right now Workaround which allow you to bypass the requirement and create a local account, such as entering data from a non-existent Microsoft account, but it is not possible to determine whether they will work with the final version of the system. operation.

    Microsoft's goal is to "bind" the user to its services, as the account will automatically be used for Edge, OneDrive, and Microsoft Store, as well as for synchronization with all devices. This practice should be prohibited by the Digital Markets Act, so an antitrust intervention by the European Commission cannot be ruled out.

    Via: Windows 11 Central

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