Windows 11 2022 Update: Security news

After installation Windows 11 2022 Update, users will notice several new features. The least visible, but certainly the most important, concern security. Microsoft emphasizes that the new features are designed for hybrid working. Some of them offer one additional protection even to the devices of ordinary users who can fall into the traps of cybercriminals.


    Protection of applications, drivers and identity

    The first novelty is called Smart app control. Detect unknown (unsigned) applications that may be hiding malware, using an AI model based on over 43 trillion security signals. The functionality is based on the technology used in Windows Defender Application Control. It is available for all editions of the operating system, but only if a fresh installation of Windows 11 2022 Update. If disabled, the operating system must be reinstalled.

    Two new features instead introduce protection against vulnerable drivers. Code integrity protected by the hypervisor (HVCI), enabled on all devices, leverages virtualization-based security (VBS) to track kernel-mode code in a secure environment. The feature prevents the injection of infected code into the kernel. Starting with Windows 11 2022 Update, there is also a "blocklist" that prevents vulnerable drivers from running.

    Other innovations relate to identity protection and password management. Windows Defender Credential Protection, available in Windows 11 Enterprise, provides protection against credential theft. These are isolated with Local Security Authority (LSA) protection.

    The feature is very useful Microsoft Defender Smart Display which offers protection against phishing. A warning is displayed when the user enters a password on compromised apps or sites. It is possible to use Windows Hello for Business to avoid passwords. Some devices incorporate sensors that allow automatic connection when the user approaches the screen and automatic locking when he moves away.

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