Windows 11 2022 Update, Microsoft Releases New Version

One year after the presentation of the new operating system, Microsoft He freed the first major Windows 11 updatewhich the Redmond company defines as a further step towards theThe Windows ecosystem is the place to connect, create and have funthrough a productivity, security, flexibility and ease of management At work.

The objective of Windows 11 2022 Update - emphasizes Microsoft - is that of make the use of devices accessible to alleliminating access barriers.

New features will be available for faster and easier information management, including Start menu updates, with faster and more accurate search, quick settings, better coverage of local and current events on the bulletin board Widgets and tabs in File Explorer.


    Windows 11 for productivity and to stay connected

    Among the novelties, Microsoft presented System-wide real-time captions able to generate subtitles automatically any form of audio content on Windows 11, voice access (in preview), which allows you to control your pc and write lyrics using only your voice, And Natural voices for the narrator capable of simulating the natural voice of people, to recreate a more pleasant sound for reading or browsing the web.

    Microsoft also introduced the security feature Smart app controlwhich guarantees the intelligent control of application to download apps securely.

    With new features announced, Windows 11 2022 Update takes productivity to the next level, with improvements to Instant layout, performance and battery optimizations and the new feature To concentrate, with the introduction of Tune-up sessions and function Do not disturbwhich disables notifications and disables taskbar badges.

    From work to online meetings with friends and family, the video calls have become one of the must-do activities for pc users.

    Windows 11

    Windows Studio's new camera and audio effects help user get the best performance in meetings, thanks with advanced AIwith the possibility of filtering background noise thanks to the function of the vocal concentration.

    Windows 11 2022 Update also brings new tools to help people express themselves and their ideas: Clipchamp Editornow available on Windows 11, simplifies video editing, with templates, effects and more.

    Windows 11

    New Windows 11 major update will also bring updates also for games. Thanks to the presence of Game Pass integrated into Windows 11 via the Xbox appplayers will be able to access hundreds of high-quality PC games.

    Windows is becoming "carbon aware"

    With this update, Microsoft takes a new step to improve Windows Update, which becomes "carbon conscious“, Making it easier for appliances to reduce carbon emissions.

    Windows Update will schedule installations at specific times of the day in which carbon dioxide emissions will be lower.

    Windows 11

    Windows 11 has also made some changes to the default screen sleep and off setting to help reduce carbon emissions when PCs are idle.

    As planned in February, in addition to the annual update, Windows 11 will announce new features more frequentlyin addition to the annual update.

    To do this, we will take advantage of the various update mechanisms available, including service updates and those from the Microsoft Store.

    The news is coming

    Along with those released, Microsoft also unveiled an additional set of novelties for fall 2022:

    • File Explorer improvementsincluding the introduction of tabs in File Explorer to help the user organize their search sessions like in Microsoft Edge;
    • Photo requestwith an update to the Windows 11 Photo app and a new photo management experience, which will also allow you to easily back up your pictures with OneDrive;
    • Suggested actions on the copyto copy phone numbers, appointments and receive suggestions on recommended actions;
    • Taskbar overflowan access point to an overflow menu that lets you view all overflowed apps in one place.
    • Sharing across multiple devicesan update that enables sharing across multiple devices, including desktop computers, using Nearby Sharing.

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