Windows 11 2022 Update is now available

Windows 11 2022 Update is now available. September 20th was chosen as the release date for some media to push forward. Since this is the first major update since the release of Windows 11 (almost a year ago), it contains many improvements and is recommended for everyone to install.


    Windows 11 2022 Update: What Windows 11 Should Look Like in 2021

    Among the main novelties of this version we can highlight the customization possibilities start menu There is one more pinned app or recommendation row and an option to create an app folder.

    of taskbar There are also major updates, including the ability to quickly access focus sessions (similar to the "Pomodoro" app) and a new location for silent mode in the notification panel.

    known as another interesting novelty snap bara small bar that appears at the top when you move a window and helps you arrange your open windows in the best possible way to increase your productivity.

    New SnapLayouts option

    Even more interesting improvements seen in file browserFor example, the return of file previews in folders, improved performance in folders synced with OneDrive, and the possibility to pin certain files in the quick access panel.

    Another highlight of this version is the new task manager Completely revamped to fit Windows 11 design lines and support dark theme. This, coupled with other aesthetic consistency improvements within the system, raises the Windows 11 2022 Update to a much more "fun" point than its predecessor.

    Additionally, Microsoft has confirmed that it will receive a small update in October that will bring long-awaited features to Windows 11. File Explorer tab.

    File Explorer Tabs Windows 11

    If you want to know all the Windows 11 2022 Update news, I recommend reading this article that covers it all.

    To update, go to the Windows Update section within the Settings app,[更新プログラムの確認]Just click If this doesn't work, please be patient. Launch may be staggered. You can also download the Spanish ISO from this link.

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