Windows 11 2022 Update: How to Force Download

The distribution of Windows 11 2022 Update. Long identified as 10:22 p.m. during the testing phase, it is the first major update of the operating system, available just under a year after the launch of the original version. Let's see how it is possible to achieve the To download and set up.


    Windows 11 2022 Update Download

    The first thing to know is that Microsoft opted for a gradual deployment. Not everyone can access the package immediately. An approach, the one chosen by the Redmond group, a consequence of the desire to ensure that everything goes well, without hitches or problems. In doing so, the software publisher reserves the right to intervene on any bug or critical problem as soon as it appears and is reported, avoiding that it affects a large number of users. Below is a video shared on the official YouTube channel that demonstrates how to perform the procedure.

    In fact, just open the utility Windows Update Windows 11. If your PC meets all the requirements, the download and installation will begin. It is recommended to ensure that the device is continuously powered during the process. At the end, a restart is requested, which can still be postponed. Otherwise, the suggestion is to wait and try again later. The process is the same for users who are still stuck in Windows 10.

    Update 2022: how to force the update

    In truth, there is a way to force update. This is what passes from the use of the ISO file made available directly by Microsoft: the weight is equal to 5.1 GB. Here is the link, generated when this article was published and with support included for the Italian language. It will remain valid for 24 hours. Alternatively, it is possible to create another via the dedicated section of the official website.

    If the image is downloaded from other sources, it is possible check its integrity following these steps.

    1. Start the Windows PowerShell utility;
    2. calculate hash value of file using "Get-FileHash cmdlet" command e.g. Get-FileHash C:\Users\utente1\Downloads\Win11_22H2_Italian_x64.iso;
    3. the result of "SHA256" must match F552EC600729FF7468B338E62A12F782E663D58486D46CDE2CECCB58600C77F5.

    Once the download is complete, all you have to do is installation the image and launch the procedure by double-clicking on the setup.exe file it contains. Obviously, the introduction of the 2022 update on PCs not yet officially supported should be considered a do-it-yourself operation only. At your peril.

    It is also possible to perform aclean assembly create a drive (at least 8 GB USB or DVD) via the Media Creation Tool offered by Microsoft. The option is recommended for those who experience slowdowns or other issues while using it.

    Official operating system licenses are available on Amazon for Home and Pro versions.

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