The new Windows 11 Photos app is here for Windows Insiders

Not only was the Windows 11 2022 Update released yesterday, but it also evolved some new features coming to the operating system in October. new photo appAfter just 24 hours, Microsoft has already shown what this app is all about and has started rolling it out on the Windows Insider Dev Channel.


    New Photos app for Windows 11 that looks great

    According to Microsoft, “This update brings you a gorgeous gallery, making it easier to browse, search, manage, and consume your photo collection. You can enjoy powerful experiences or deliver delicious "memories" experiences.

    New Windows 11 Photos app
    The main interface of the new photo application.

    these are some What Insiders Can Try Using the App:

    • Organize your photos in a beautifully redesigned and productive experience.
    • Easily back up your photos to OneDrive to keep your memories safe.
    • "Memories" and "rich life".
    • Increase productivity with multi-windows and multi-screens.
    • Easily check your OneDrive storage quota usage and add more space.
    • Import and manage photos from external sources such as mobile phones and cameras.
    "memory" With the new Windows 11 Photos app
    This is the "memories" of the new photo app.

    This new application comes in the following formats: Current app update Its number is 2022.31090.16004.0 or higher. Notable in the new Photos app is the video editor that was in the previous app. This has been removed for the sake of weight savings. Because this feature is already covered by Clipchamp, which was recently acquired by Microsoft.

    new photo app One of the biggest demands of Windows users, tired of the terrible performance of the current one and its chaotic interface. At the moment, as far as we can see, it scores a lot of points in the interface section. Will it be that way in terms of performance and resource consumption? I'll let you know as soon as I try it!

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