the keyboard with haptic feedback weighs on the autonomy

Among the main causes that could go to impact on battery life when using iOS 16 there is the keyboard haptic feedback this Apple proceeded to introduce the new version of its operating system for the iPhone. This is not an uncertain figure, but information provided directly by the Cupertino group in recent hours, with the publication of an official document in support.


    iOS 16: keyboard haptic feedback affects battery life

    Unfortunately, Apple didn't provide any specific details on this, but limited itself to advising that using iOS 16's keyboard haptic feedback could result in shorter iPhone battery life. why is the amount of energy used by the function not quantifiable.

    Obviously any function used on iOS will somehow skimp on the iPhone's power level and therefore affect the charging status, but the fact that Apple specified the thing with the return keyboard haptics suggest that in this if the consumption is higher than usual.

    Keep in mind that the keyboard's haptic feedback allows the iPhone to emit a slight vibration each time a single key is pressed while typing, providing the user with physical confirmation that that particular key has been pressed correctly. been pressed, which can be particularly useful when the "iPhone by" is used in silent mode since in the aforementioned circumstance the sound feedback is excluded.

    By default, keyboard haptic feedback is disabled, but you can enable it on iPhone 8 and later upgraded to iOS 16 or later by going to the "Settings" section of iOS, then the " Sounds and haptic feedback", by selecting the label "Keyboard Feedback" and turning the corresponding switch to ON.

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