problems with NVIDIA video cards?

People in possession of a PC equipped with a NVIDIA video card they may face a headache if they update the operating system immediately Windows 11 with the package Update 2022 (22H2) just released by Microsoft. The reports are multiplying, the reference is to problems which have a particular impact on game lovers. Therefore, it is better to wait before downloading.


    Issues with NVIDIA GPUs after Windows 11 update

    One of the anomalous behavior that occurs is the overlay of performance information when running games. By pressing the Alt + R key combination, the GeForce Experience utility displays details about the recorded frame rate, percentage of utilization by CPU or GPU, and more. In this situation, a sudden fps dropvery significant, which reaches up to -87.5%.

    Sometimes the issue is resolved simply by closing the overlay and waiting for a few seconds to pass. In others, you have to open the software instead and deactivate it completely from the settings. For all feedback, the common point is the appearance of the hitch following the installation of the update published by Microsoft.

    Fortunately, NVIDIA seems to have handled complaints, as evidenced by a conversation on Reddit. A module has also been implemented through which users can provide detailed information about their GPU, driver version, CPU, RAM, and other hardware components. For the moment, there are no interventions from the Redmond group.

    For all the details on the innovations introduced by 2022 Update of Windows 11, we refer to the dedicated article, published on these pages in recent days during the launch. Below is a dedicated image gallery.

    Official operating system licenses are available on Amazon for Home and Pro versions.

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