Microsoft confirms Windows 10 screenshot tool crashes for some users

Problems with Windows 10 Snipping Tool

It seems that the native Windows 10 screenshot tool called "Snip & Sketch" is facing quite an annoying issue, where the app just fails to load for some users when they try to take screenshots. This bug doesn't seem to entirely affect the OS's ability to capture screenshots as long as you don't rely on the Snip & Sketch tool.

The fact that Microsoft's own app isn't able to run on its own operating system isn't great, but it's not the first time. A bug broke the same app last year and the company then rushed to fix some of the issues.

As you probably know, the Snip & Sketch tool allows users to capture screenshots on Windows and it comes with a variety of options including the ability to edit screenshots, capture only parts of the screen and later make changes using applications such as Paint, so it can be a genuinely useful tool for many people.

On April 28, Microsoft quietly updated its support documents to acknowledge the issue with the Windows 10 Snipping Tool. The document states that the company is aware of an issue where the Snip & Sketch may fail to capture a screenshot and fail to open when you hold down Windows key + Shift + S.

This issue stems from Windows 10 February 2022 Update and affects all cumulative updates released later.

Microsoft hasn't revealed when a fix for the Snipping Tool will arrive, but it has suggested it's actively working on a fix.

"We are currently investigating and will provide an update when more information becomes available," Microsoft said.

In addition to a buggy Snip & Sketch tool, Windows 10 is also plagued with an issue where recovery discs created using the legacy Control Panel Backup and Restore application (Windows 7) do not not start on some devices. Fortunately, no third-party recovery application is affected, and Microsoft is working on a workaround.

It should be noted that these issues are still present in the latest Windows 10 Optional Update (KB5011831). This means that the May 2022 Patch Tuesday update won't fix the issues, but the patch could still arrive by the end of the month via another optional patch.

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