Intel, AMD, and Nvidia release May 2022 driver updates for Windows 11, Windows 10

Intel AMD Nvidia Driver Update

Hardware companies Intel, AMD, and Nvidia have released new display drivers for Windows 11 and Windows 10 with a long list of improvements and fixes. While GeForce 512.77 is actually a minor release with a few fixes, Intel's updated driver fixes several issues and AMD has added support for newer cards.

Intel graphics driver version adds support for Alder Lake HX, a new chip for laptop computers. Additionally, Intel is also promising better compatibility with two new game titles: Evil Dead: The Game and Dolmen on 11th Gen Intel processors with Xr graphics and newer.

According to the release notes, Intel fixed an issue where Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (DX12) could experience crashes or pop-up error messages. A bug where Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition may experience graphical issues in game menus or during gameplay has been resolved.

Intel says it has also fixed a few issues with Elden Ring, including a bug where users may experience textures flashing green or red.


    What is fixed and improved in Intel driver

    Here is a list of all bug fixes in Intel

    • Fixed an issue where Genshin Impact could experience flickering or texture issues.
    • Fixed an issue that caused FIFA 21 to crash.
    • Fixed an issue that could crash or encounter a TDR.
    • Fixed an issue where Tom Clancy's: Rainbow Six Siege could cause the app to crash.

    Intel has also confirmed an issue where some games may result in a black screen if you change the resolution in gameplay. This was fixed in the May 2022 update and Intel added that the bug only affects DirectX11 games in fullscreen mode with the fullscreen optimization option disabled.

    Intel usually provides patches to users through Windows Update, but the deployment usually takes months, as it is entirely OEM dependent. If you can't wait, you can use Intel's Driver & Support Assistant tool and force upgrade the device to new drivers from the chipmaker.

    To install the update manually, follow these steps:

    • Download the Intel Driver and Support Assistant (iDSA) tool from the Intel website.
    • Open the Update Assistant tool.
    • Can't find the tool? Look for an Intel icon in the system tray.
    • Check for updates on Intel's website.

    What's New in AMD Adrenalin Driver 22.5.1

    AMD driver version 22.5.1 adds support for newer GPU cards including Radeon RX 6650 XT, RX 6750 XT, and RX 6950 XT. AMD also fixed an issue where transparency or aero effects are not working on Windows 10.

    According to the release notes, there are a lot of new things to try. For example, AMD is introducing a new effect slider that lets you fine-tune RSR's sharpening effect. AMD is also promising performance improvements with "Smart Access Memory optimizations" for Death Stranding™ and "Watch Dogs: Legion."

    The update offers up to a 10% performance boost if you use the new SAM optimizations in Death Stranding at 1440p.

    What's new in Nvidia GeForce 512.77

    Nvidia GeForce driver version 512.77 adds support for two games Evil Dead: The Game and also Dolmen and Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong. It also fixes a bug that crashes Adobe Premiere Pro.

    To download and install, launch GeForce Experience and click on the "Drivers" tab and start the download when prompted.

    Intel, AMD, and Nvidia also plan to release a major driver update ahead of the Windows 11 Anniversary Update, which is expected to launch in the fall.

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