How to delete MSN News in Microsoft Edge

One of the things that makes Microsoft Edge stand out is the integration of MSN into the new tab page.In fact this is This is one of the least customizable aspects of the limited to being able to change its appearance, but cannot set other pages to replace it.

By default, the new tab page highlights search engine and quick access icons to frequently visited websites. However, at the bottom there are links to access various MSN categories. Additionally, scrolling will automatically open the news section.

Microsoft Edge new tab page

What is the problem? Microsoft Edge makes a lot of requests to MSN to keep this information up to date. As a result, every time you open a new tab, your browser will launch these requests and use more of your computer's resources (CPU, RAM, network connection) to slow down the load.


    So you can disable MSN News in Microsoft Edge New Tab

    At the top right is a gear-shaped icon that allows you to customize this page. Looking at the distro, I see that it is set to "Focused". However, any distro you can choose will keep showing MSN News… Custom distribution, except one.

    If you choose a custom layout, at the bottom you can: Open the Content dropdown and select the Content Disabled option. At that point, you'll notice that the news disappears at the bottom of the new tab page in Microsoft Edge as it becomes unscrollable.

    In our tests, we can see that the time it takes to load the new tab page is significantly reduced, especially on computers with older hardware or where internet connectivity is limited.

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