fixed camera bugs and copy-paste

The release of iOS16 which took place last week caused some annoying to appear on user's iPhones Thumbtack which made it very difficult to use the Cupertino group's smartphone: the continuous vibration of the camera in conjunction with the use of certain third-party applications such as TikTok and the display of repeated and nagging permission requests via a popup window to perform the copy and paste from one application to another. Now, however, everything has been resolved.


    iOS 16.0.02: stop camera shake and invasive copy-paste alerts

    In the last few hours, indeed, Apple made the update available iOS 16.0.2, which fixes the aforementioned issues. A bug that could cause only one to be displayed has also been fixed. black screen during the first phase of setting up a device and another that prevented the operation of Voice off after reboot.

    A specific patch has also been implemented for iPhone X, XR and 11 to resolve the issue of possible screen insensitivity after a technical assistance intervention.

    It should be noted that the one in question is already the second update provided by Apple after the major release of iOS 16. Before the start of sales of the new iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max, iOS 16.0.1 was actually released exclusively intended for the two smartphones in question.

    It should be borne in mind that the Cupertino group is currently working on iOS 16.1, which should not only solve other problems, but should also bring various types of optimizations, such as the one relating to a better display of the icon of the battery.

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