Faulty fixes, issues even for Windows 10

Patch Tuesday on May 10 caused a lot of headaches for users. The bug that prevents authentication to services, introduced with update KB5013943 for Windows 11, has also been reported on Windows 10 after installing the update KB5013942. However, this poses another problem, namely the Event Viewer crashes (Event Viewer). There is currently no confirmation from Microsoft.


    Event Viewer not working

    The Cumulative Update KB5013942 for Windows 10 includes all fixes from preview KB5011831 released on April 25. The list of fixed bugs is quite long, so users should install the update as soon as possible, especially to get the latest security patches. Unfortunately, an issue has been reported that prevents the use of one of the essential tools for IT administrators.

    After installing update KB5013942 Event Viewer can no longer be started (Event Viewer). The tool records operating system and application logs, highlighting critical issues. The causes are not known, but it is clear that Microsoft made a few mistakes too. The Redmond company has yet to confirm the issue.

    For the moment the only solution is to uninstall the KB5013942 update. You can also disable automatic updates or pause them using the appropriate Windows Update option.

    The second bug, confirmed by Microsoft, only affects servers used as domain controller. Due to non-mapping of certificates, it is not possible to authenticate with certain services. There is a temporary workaround for this bug, which is manually mapping certificates to accounts in Active Directory.

    Via: Windows 11 Central

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