Expanded Azure Space connectivity options

Two years ago Microsoft launched that initiative. Azure Space, is focused on making Azure a strong player in the satellite and space-connected cloud market. On September 14th, coinciding with World Satellite Business Week, the company's executives explained how they are planning. Expand Microsoft's satellite connectivity portfolio.

Workers Wednesday, new service Azure Orbital Cloud access is entering private preview, starting with US government customers. Azure Orbital Cloud Access is specifically targeted at enterprise IT professionals who need connectivity without many options. This is especially intended for users who cannot tolerate a small amount of downtime, such as first responders.


    New satellite service, Azure Orbital Cloud

    Azure Orbital Cloud Access is Intelligently prioritize traffic across fiber, cellular and satellite networks. Priority network traffic occurs through SpaceX's Starlink. By linking it to an Azure device, customers will be able to access Microsoft cloud services from anywhere Starlink operates. SpaceX has been one of Microsoft's key partners for Azure Space since the initiative began.

    Last year, Microsoft announced that Azure Orbital had reached readiness. Allowed customers to communicate with satellites Control them from ground stations owned by Microsoft and its partners around the world, with no return costs to Azure.that original service Azure Orbital renamed to Azure Orbital Ground StationThis will allow Microsoft to use the Azure Orbital brand to cover multiple services (the latest being Azure Orbital Cloud Access).

    Microsoft today Azure Orbital Ground Stationits first product "Ground Station as a Service"Orbital Ground Station sends satellite data directly to Microsoft servers.

    Additionally, Microsoft works with partners. Facilitate the integration of satellite communications into enterprise cloud operations. Integrate 5G and satellite communications through the Azure Orbital service. The ultimate goal is to enable satellite providers to virtualize their analog systems.

    Amazon and Microsoft Conquer Satellites

    Azure Space isn't just for space companies. It aims to attract public and private industry clients from the agriculture, energy, telecommunications and government markets. It is also intended for all customers who require remote access and bandwidth.

    Microsoft's main competitor in the cloud, Amazon Web Servicesor AWS announced its own Strategy and Space Division in June 2020. Aerospace and satellite solutionsAWS also has its own satellite connectivity service, AWS Ground Station, Kuiper Project It competes with SpaceX's Starlink and other satellite network providers. Microsoft announced last year that Elon Musk's Space X is one of his major Azure Space partners. Microsoft is working with SpaceX to provide satellite internet connectivity on its platform.

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