DRM issues with physical Xbox Series X games resolved

The Xbox Series X is a particularly complex console. Remember, Microsoft's newest console can not only play its own titles, but it's also compatible with many Xbox One games and Xbox 360 software.

therefore, Xbox Series X can introduce discs for up to three generations of consoles… And this was somewhat problematic. Basically, because owning a game doesn't mean you can play it without an internet connection.this is Update 2208 It was just released for Microsoft devices.


    Xbox Series X does not check game compatibility

    When you insert the Xbox One game disc, To check title compatibility, the console had to be connected to the internet. The aim is to find out if there's a compatible update that offers a better experience, if there's a dedicated version for the Xbox Series X, or if it can simply play like it was offered on Blu-Ray. did.

    The situation has been somewhat chaotic given that many titles have been sold in physical format across generations between Xbox One and Xbox Series X. i.e. You can play both versions of the game on the same disc Or for the Xbox One version only, the developer suggests upgrading to the enhanced version of the game.

    But according to Eden Murray, For the most part, Xbox One titles work perfectly with their predecessors, so there was no point in doing a compatibility check. Of course, titles sold directly on the Xbox Series X version don't do this check and require internet only when parts of the game need to be downloaded.

    Internet connectivity is still required for Xbox 360 games. The reason is that the disc is only used to verify ownership of the game and actually downloads a version adapted for use on the latest Microsoft consoles.

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