Cybersecurity for SMEs: Ahab distributes CyberCNS

AhabItalian company specializing in the distribution of value-added infrastructure software for small and medium enterprisesannounced that it had introduced a wallet CyberCNS.

CyberCNS is a solution cloud from vulnerability assessment designed to help MSPs meet the daily challenges posed by modern best workout cybersecurity.

In the last decade - underlines Ahab - the concept of security has been turned upside down: cyberattacks are more and more sophisticated and SMEs are increasingly targetedbecause they suffer from greater vulnerabilities and, very often, are not equipped with sufficiently efficient and proactive security systems.

The vulnerabilities in question are nothing more than programming holes, present in the systems and applications used by companies to carry out their daily tasks.

These allow hackers to sneak into computer networks, almost always unblocked by traditional security tools such as firewalls or antivirus software.

The bad news is that, from these vulnerabilities, they come detected by dozens every day and so it will be for years to come, because technology is the result of human labor and is therefore subject to errors and oversights.

The good news - Ahab points out - is that MSPs can take concrete steps to mitigate the effects of this unfortunate scenario by putting in place a ongoing vulnerability assessment process to guarantee its customers the best possible level of protection.

With CyberCNSin fact, it is possible to provide an efficient service that allows you to automate and simplify the activities required to perform a vulnerability assessment.

Activities which, if carried out manually, would be too costly in terms of time, resources and skills, i.e.:

  • identification of the perimeter to be scanned;
  • detection of devices, PCs and servers;
  • vulnerability analysis;
  • development of a work plan to mitigate the detected vulnerabilities.

Within customer networks - informs Ahab - just install a probe that scans inside and outside to the network and reports the information in the shared portal.

For machines located outside the perimeter of the company, it is possible install lightweight agent which allows you to scan for vulnerabilities anytime, anywhere the machine is.

Among the features of the solution, there is first of all the internal and external vulnerability assessment within the scope of the business.

Regarding theIT assessmentby Audit you have basic information about each machine and what is installed on the system to manage at your fingertips. Also, through timely notifications the MSP has complete visibility into what is happening on the network.

Through the Application whitelist and blacklist and the Compliance Benchmark You can find out if required apps are missing, if unwanted apps are present, and if system configurations follow security best practices.

Regarding the reportsthe solution offers standard and custom reports based on specific customer needs, in addition to dashboards and dashboards useful for monitoring the overall vision.


CyberCNS is a multi-tenant platform with agents for Windows, Mac, Linux And portable to scan where nothing can be installed.

It also offers a licenses suitable for MSPsthanks to the monthly recurring fee which does not impose contractual obligations of minimum duration.

The solution - Ahab points out - offers different kinds of benefits. First of all loyalty: Thanks to automatic and recurring vulnerability assessment processes, greater security is guaranteed to existing customers.

Then, from lead generation: with the use of scans on systems, it is possible to give prospects a concrete demonstration of what the MSP is able to offer through the provision of a new service with a recurring fee related to cybersecurity.

In addition, of resource saving: The MSP saves time and technical resources because all vulnerability assessment activities are performed automatically by the system and do not have to be performed manually.

Claudio Panerai, CPO of Ahab, said: "The decision to introduce this solution is due to our intention to continue the necessary evangelistic work that today's MSPs need to provide comprehensive and efficient services to their customers and that goes beyond pure activity. selling fine to itself.

The task of today's MSP is, in this case, to make small and medium-sized enterprises understand that being vulnerable does not mean being guilty, that we must accept this de facto situation and that we must act to improve increasing the level of protection.. they already did.

Vulnerability assessment activity is a piece that needs to be added to the complex security puzzle given the scenario we find ourselves in, where the corporate perimeter is a distant memory and nothing is considered safe.".

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