because companies bring agility to data management

During this year, companies will set up new agile and methodological teams DevOpsto optimize the management and use of their data.

These teams - comprised of security, data protection and analytics experts, as well as operational IT resources - will be responsible for improve data protection, governance and value of their organization, quickly and efficiently.

supporting him is Domenico Iaconopre-sales manager Commvaulta company specializing in data protection and information management solutions.

Domenico Iacono points out that, for years, DevOps teams have been a staple of application development.


    Data Security and Cloud Migration

    Unlike the traditional approach, which separated software development and operations teams, in this case, software developers and IT operations personnel are combined into a single team focused on developing and improving applications. .

    DevOps teams did it this way easier for companies to implement agile software development methodologiesshortening lead times and accelerating continuous application improvement.

    Domenico Iacono
    Domenico Iacono, Commvault Pre-Sales Manager

    However - emphasizes Domenico Iacono -, the last year has also demonstrated that, although the digital economy can work on applications, many of its most valuable assets are in fact the data collected and generated by them.

    And if companies do not constantly protect, govern, optimize and analyze this information, they risk not only losing and ceding leadership to those who do, but also endangering the corporate integrity.

    For example, criminals constantly develop attacks Ransomware increasingly sophisticated which can block this data, interrupting the operations of even large companies for days or weeks.

    Government agencies - emphasizes Domenico Iacono - constantly monitor the data privacy measures adopted by companies, with significant penalties (and negative publicity) for those who do not comply with current regulations.

    Organizations are also constantly faced with the need to move or migrate on-premises data to cloudcloud to cloud, app to appin the hope of optimizing operations and costs.

    At the same time, most of today's large companies are distinguished by their ability to use data to provide a better customer experience compared to competitors.

    Companies need agile, data-driven DevOps teams

    Hence, according to Iacono, the need for companies to set up agile data-bound teams that can quickly and continuously provide complete visibility and control over information distributed across dozens of applications SaaScloud services and different types of on-premises infrastructure.

    Teams that can accelerate the time to release new solutions, increasing their frequency so that other IT and business resources can experiment with them and quickly provide feedback on their usefulness in managing and using data.

    Team - continues the analysis of Domenico Iacono - with the skills and the speed necessary to protect them, so that they can ward off attacks from cybercriminals and at the same time ensure that in the event of a successful attack or other disastrous event, they can recover the data quickly and completely.

    And that they can quickly move information from any application, cloud, or infrastructure to any other application, cloud, or infrastructure.

    In addition, they will work with operational employees to use the latest tools analysis, artificial intelligence, machine learning and others to derive valuable insights from them and use them to better and more effectively forecast, for example, the demand for products in the upcoming holiday season, or when an industrial object has helped toIoT it will need maintenance to avoid downtime and improve other goals.

    These teams will not just complete data management and optimization projects and return to their previous activities. Businesses are adding more and more applications and generating new data, cybercriminals are developing new attacks, and customer expectations are constantly changing.

    This is the reason - concludes Domenico Iacono - why the new agile teams dedicated to data that will be created in 2022 will last well beyond next year.

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