battery icon improves and other news

The beginnings of iOS 16 it officially happened a few days ago and most iPhone owners were particularly excited about the features of the new OS for their devices, but many also complained about some features that were probably not exactly studied at perfection. Aware of this, Apple got to work on what was wrong and with the release of iOS 16.1 Beta 2 occurred during the hours of the race showed that he was capable of remedying it.


    iOS 16.1: Improved battery icon, copy-and-paste and other new features

    With the new beta of the next version of iOS 16, in fact, the Cupertino group has first reviewed thebattery icon which now, in addition to displaying the percentage as it has already occurred, also has a variable degree of filling depending on the residual capacity of the load, thus providing an immediate visual indication and preventing users from easily forgetting .

    Other animations related to charging status and power saving have also been changed, such as the ability to see the battery percentage even on the lock screen when the device is connected to the feed.

    Another important novelty that iOS 16.1 brings as a dowry is the correction of the annoying bug of copy and pasteso the update will no longer repeatedly prompt users to copy and paste notes into an app, but will still display a warning message when an app automatically accesses the clipboard.

    Keep in mind that iOS 16.1 Beta 2 also fixes an issue with three finger system gesture which often caused the system menu to appear or clipboard action warnings to be cancelled/reset.

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