Ahab expands its portfolio and introduces Sababa MDR

Sababa MDR is the name of the recent novelty that entered the house Ahaban Italian company specializing in the distribution of valuable infrastructure software for small and medium enterprises, which aims to add a layer to the process that today's MSPs must implement to protect the security of their customers.

Proactive surveillance day and night, detection of known and unknown threats in the initial phases of the attack, immediate response actions in the event of more or less serious incidents generated by malware. These are the three strong points that distinguish the detection and response solution designed by the experts at Sababa Security to face the modern challenges posed by the cybersecurity market.

The notion of "security" has been turned upside down in recent years, nothing can be defined as secure within the perimeter of the company because it is no longer defined given the increasingly growing trend of using of cloud and employees of companies now accustomed to working more and more on the move or in smart working.

Moreover, antivirus and firewalls are no longer considered a panacea for all ills because they rely on signatures and therefore on the recognition of known attacks. EDR tools (Period Detection and Response) alone are not enough as they generate thousands of alerts and very specific technical skills are required to understand if a threat has been detected or if it is a false positive.

It is in this scenario that the MSPs of the future must face new challenges and, in order to prepare to face and overcome them, it is necessary to have an open vision and to understand well what it means to face them. to safety today.

This is where the services of Managed detection and responsean important element that must now be considered for inclusion in its portfolio of products and services to guarantee its customers the best possible protection against modern attacks.

Ahab, this is how Sababa MDR works

A team of Sababa Security experts provides the MSP with an agent to be installed on the terminals to be protected and establishes with it the actions to be implemented in the event of the detection of threats and attacks.

The load of machinery safety, in this way, is given in outsourcing but the MSP retains full visibility into the state of the art of managed systems through a convenient multi-tenant console.


Detection: A team of Italian security analysts, operating in a specialized center located in Italy, proactively and constantly monitors suspicious activity on endpoints to detect and block attack attempts in their initial phase.

Response: After manually scanning for threats, analyst responds to each event with incident response capabilities via file quarantine, IP address blocking, host isolation, remote execution scripts and remote installation of the patch.

Console and reporting: the read-only multi-tenant console allows the MSP to view the security status of the machines under management at any time. The Sababa team of experts also periodically provides reports on the analyzes carried out and updated bulletins with the latest cybersecurity news.


Greater safety for MSP customers, guaranteed by the detection and intervention service provided by a team of specialized technicians who intervene quickly in the event of more or less serious accidents.

Time saving for the MSP who, by delegating all issues related to endpoint security, can thus focus on other activities.
Increased margins for the MSP who is able to employ their technicians in more profitable activities dedicated to customer service and support.

"We are delighted to introduce our partners to the detection and response service provided by a constantly growing Italian company such as Sababa Security." - He pretends Claudio PaneraAhab's portfolio manager - “I believe today's ITSPs can benefit immensely by leveraging the capabilities of this new solution we are offering. One of the main reasons is the significant time savings that the MSP realizes by delegating all the complexities related to the management of endpoint security to those who have made it a specialized profession. Without forgetting that this advantage translates at the same time into greater security guaranteed to its customers, thanks, in fact, to a fully dedicated and efficient service, capable of countering modern attacks and which surpasses the "static" action of the now good old. antivirus friend".

More information available here; in addition, a WebTV presentation of the solution will take place on Thursday, May 5 at 12:00 p.m.

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