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With the release of iOS 16 was introduced a new prompt to allow or deny an app to copy and paste from another app, in order to increase the security of the users and to offer them better control of the device used and especially of the data. But what should have been an advantage actually becomes a real torment for users of the new mobile operating system of Apple.


    iOS 16: Copy-paste too nagging permissions

    But let's go in order. The feature in question displays a dialog where the user must confirm that they want to allow a particular app to paste from another app. After granting permission, the choice is remembered for subsequent times, so there is no need to repeat it again. Therefore, the worry of having to grant all the appropriate permissions is limited to the hours immediately following the installation of the new operating system.

    However, the same circumstance also occurs when you paste something for the first time after downloading an app and that's where the "serious" trouble begins. If there are many applications installed, in fact, various choices must be made, which has led many users to the point that a MacRumors reader decided to write an email directly to Craig Federighiresponsible for overseeing the development of iOS and macOS, ea Tim Cookthe CEO of Apple, receiving a response from a delegate, the senior executive Ron Huangwho said he was happy with the comments and said that there was indeed something wrong.

    Huag indeed asserted that this is not expected behavior and, accepting the suggestion of a settings section in which to choose at any time which app to grant access to notes, announced that the way the measure was designed must certainly be reviewed. The response message then closes with a Stay tunedleaving us to imagine nearby developments.

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