22H2 feature update is coming in October

For the moment, the focus is on the arrival of Windows 11 2022 Updatewhich from September 20 is available for download for those who have a suitable device, but in the meantime Microsoft continues to work on other fronts as well. More precisely, the reference is a Windows 10: the Redmond giant has indeed confirmed that it will release a new feature update for the operating system which is no longer very recent October.


    Windows 10: the new 22H2 feature update in October

    The update, which has been discussed for some time, should be called Windows 10 22H2 and shouldn't include any significant changes or new features, as Microsoft's techs are mostly focusing on Windows 11. The update will then mostly include fixes for various bugs and a few improvements aimed primarily at business customers.

    There may be changes related to the taskbar, focus assist (the mechanism that avoids distractions while you work), and Windows Autopilot (the set of technologies used to install and configure new devices ).

    As confirmed by Microsoft spokespersons, the company's intention is therefore to continue to support users who use Windows 10 with the release of updates and security patches until at least mid-October 2025after which the retirement of the operating system is planned.

    This way, when for some reason a device cannot be updated to Windows 11, it is possible to continue using Windows 10 without problems, since the second operating system will continue to be actively supported. supported by the Redmond company for several years to come. come.

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